Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Everyone Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are designed to access routing functions more quickly and easily. When you are working with computer applications, you will see that several shortcuts are common to many of the applications. Knowing these common keyboard shortcuts will assist you in working with any application easier.

This post is an attempt to summarize the top ten keyboard shortcuts that will really help you to improve productivity.

The functions performed by the following keyboard shortcuts are used very frequently by the majority of the PC users. Especially these are very helpful for most popular applications like Microsoft Office, or many web browsers. However, I have seen that even average computer users also use the mouse to perform some of these tasks. If you are also one of those who use the mouse for everything else other than typing, I encourage you to start using the following keyboard shortcuts from now onwards.

1. Ctrl + A

This shortcut selects everything in the current folder, page or document etc…


  • Use Ctrl  +A to select all the files in the current folder.
  • Use Ctrl + A to select everything in the word document or entire excel sheet.

2. Ctrl + C

Use this shortcut to copy highlighted or selected item to the clipboard for later use, leaving the original item or text in its original location.

3. Ctrl + X

This keyboard shortcut performs the cut functions. It moves everything to the clipboard for later usage without leaving them in the original location.

4. Ctrl + V

Ctrl + V shortcut performs the paste function. Use this shortcut to paste contents already in the clipboard to the current programme or window.

5. Ctrl + Z

Use this shortcut to undo your previous action performed. You can undo multiple changes by pressing this key combination multiple times.

e.g. If you have changed some text in a word document, press Z key multiple times while pressing the Ctrl key until you get back the required state of the document.

6. Ctrl + Y

This shortcut performs redo function.

e.g. If you have performed undo function to undo some of your works and you want them back again, use Ctrl + Y to get them back. Like in, Ctrl + Z shortcut, you can press this shortcut also for multiple times to redo multiple changes.

7. Ctrl + P

The Ctrl + P shortcut opens the print dialog box of the current application. This shortcut is available in many of the applications which have the printing function.

8. Ctrl + F

This shortcut opens the find/ search dialog box of the current application.

e.g. If you press Ctrl + F while reading this article, it opens the find field near the search bar. Then, you can start typing your expected keywords, and the browser will highlight the keyword.

9. Ctrl + S

You can use Ctrl + S to save the current file you are working on. This shortcut is common in almost all the applications which have the “save” function. You can use this shortcut frequently to save the current state your important works.

10. Ctrl + O

This shortcut opens the open dialog box allowing you to select and open files in the current application.

e.g. If you press Ctrl + O while reading this article, it opens up the “open” dialog box of your browser.

Wrapping Up

The functions performed by the above top 10 keyboard shortcuts are very common in most of the applications. Since the frequency of using these functions are higher, you can save a considerable amount of time by using those keyboard shortcut instead of using the mouse. These shortcuts are not difficult to remember, and all start with the Ctrl key. The second letter of 6/10 shortcuts is the first letter of the function performed by that shortcut.

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