Road Traffic Counters

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Traffic counting methods can be basically categorized as manual and automatic methods. The manual counting is a simple yet accurate method for traffic counting. The manual counting can be done using either electronic counters or mechanical counters, or else it can be a simple paperwork. There are several methods out there for automatic traffic counting. … Read more

Sri Lanka Bus Routes

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Sri Lanka bus routes are mainly two types. One is “Inter-Provincial” and the other is “Intra Provincial”. The National Transport Commission regulates the Inter-Provincial bus services. The Intra Provincial bus services are regulated by relevant Provincial Passenger Transport Authorities. The National Transport Commission is the coordinator of Provincial Passenger Transport Authorities. The list of Inter-Provincial … Read more

Sri Lanka Road Network

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History of Sri Lanka Road Network Footpath or jungle trails were the roads before inventing the wheel. The need for roads with some hard surfaces arose with the invention of the wheel and some animal-drawn vehicles. As such the roads were initially constructed to cater for the animal-drawn carts. History of the Sri Lanka Road … Read more