Import Data in Google Sheets #1 Import Data from another Sheet in the same Spreadsheet

When you are working with analysis works, it is a good practice to keep your row data in separate sheets. And you can import them to your analysis sheet without modifying the raw data. In Google Sheets, there are multiple ways to import data from another sheet of the same Spreadsheet.

In this post, I will explain several methods that you can import data from another sheet in the same Spreadsheet.

Refer to a single cell in another sheet

Like in any other spreadsheet, you can directly refer them in the formula typing sheet’s name followed by an exclamation mark and the cell is being copied. You can also use named ranges.



Include sheet name inside two single quotes if it contains spaces

='Sheet 3'!A2

Import range of data from another sheet

You can use formulas like QUERY or SORT when you want to import a range of data from another sheet of the same spreadsheet.

Use QUERY function to import a range of data from another sheet

The QUERY function is one of the most useful functions in Google Sheets. This function may be one reason for someone to move from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets. You can use the QUERY function in multiple ways.

In the below examples I will show you how you can use the QUERY function to pull data from another sheet. You can import either the entire range or a few columns that require your analysis. This is the simplest use of the Google Sheets QUERY function.

In the QUERY function, you need to give your data range as the first parameter. Then you can write your query (SQL Code) as the second parameter.

If your data is in a tab named as “Sheet 3″ and the data range is “A1:Y“, your data range can be referred from another tab as 'Sheet 3'!A1:Y

Case 1: Import all the data in the range

The SQL code “SELECT *” retrieves all the columns in your range given as the first parameter. Your function should like below.


=QUERY('Sheet 3'!A1:Y,"select *")

Case 2: Import only selected columns

You can modify the above formula by replacing the * with the column headings as shown below.


=QUERY('Sheet 3'!A1:Y,"select A,K,B,C")

Use SORT function to sort and import data from another sheet

You can sorts the rows of a given array or range by the values in one or more columns with the SORT function. You can use this SORT function also to import data from one sheet to another by sorting them in numerical or alphabetical order.


The following formula import data from the range “Sheet2!A2:Y” and sort the range by “customer name” in alphabetical order.

In this formula, the second parameter value “14” is the column number of the “customer name” column. By providing “true” or “false” for the third parameter, you can sort the range either ascending or descending order respectively.


Wrapping Up

Keeping your raw data untouched is to make your life easy when doing complex analysis. However, copying and pasting data every time is a tedious task. In that case, you can get the help of various Google Sheets functions to import data to your analysis sheet from other sheets.

In this post, I explained a few functions and methods that you can use to import between sheets of the same worksheet of the Google Sheets. You can customize those formulas depending on your requirement. And also these methods are not limited to the functions described above, you can also use functions like VLOOKUP, FILTER, etc… also to pull data from another sheet.


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