How to create dropdown lists in Excel (Dependent & Multirow)

How to Create Dropdown Lists in Excel - Dependent & Multirow

In this article, I will show you how to create dropdown lists and dependent dropdown lists in Excel and apply them to multiple rows. Dropdown lists allow users to select from a list of options when entering data into a cell. This can help to ensure that data is entered correctly and consistently. Dependent dropdown … Read more

How to Generate a Data Entry form in Excel

How to Generate Data Entry form in Excel

Using the “Form” command, you can easily generate a data entry form in Excel. Data entry forms provide a convenient means to insert, view, update, or delete data. This post will show you how to generate Excel data entry forms and why and when to use them. Note: The examples in this post have been … Read more

Excel Named Range – Make Your Work Easier!

Excel Named Range – Make Your Work Easier!

We identify each cell in the spreadsheet by a combination of its column letter and row number. A range of cells is defined using the upper Left cell and the lower Right cell. We call this A1 notation. But writing a complex formula using A1 notation is a bit difficult to understand and maintain. You … Read more