Periodically Extract Website Data to Google Sheets

Periodically Extract Website Data to Google Sheets

Nowadays, we have access to an abundance of data that can aid us in decision-making. Website data is a particularly accessible and cost-effective source, provided that we utilize appropriate data collection techniques and tools. Google Sheets is one such tool that can be used for free. In this article, I will demonstrate how you can … Read more

How to Generate a Data Entry form in Excel

How to Generate Data Entry form in Excel

Using the “Form” command, you can easily generate a data entry form in Excel. Data entry forms provide a convenient means to insert, view, update, or delete data. This post will show you how to generate Excel data entry forms and why and when to use them. Note: The examples in this post have been … Read more

Creating Forms in Google Sheets – Sidebar & Modal Dialog forms

Creating Forms in Google Sheets - Sidebar, Modeless and Modal Dialog forms

There are several ways to create forms in Google Sheets. The most popular and easiest method is to use Google Forms. However, it is a general-purpose form-building application. Sometimes you may find it very difficult to create a form in your mind with Google Forms. Especially when it comes to mass data entry works, you … Read more

Spatial Field Data Collection made easy with Mobile Apps

Spatial Field Data Collection Made Easy with Mobile Apps

The term “spatial data” is used to describe any data related to or containing information about specific locations on the earth’s surface. Hence, many of the field data you collected can be considered as spatial field data. Spatial field data collection involves collecting three types of features, namely points, lines, and polygons. The spatial data … Read more