How to Export Google My Maps Data Table to Excel

In the previous post, I have shown you how you can create your own map using Google My Maps. In that map, I developed a data table for that particular layer while creating the map. Sometimes you may need to export this data table to spreadsheets to use for other purposes. At present, Google My Maps does not provide a direct way to export the data table.

In this post, I will show you how you can export Google My Maps data table to Microsoft Excel.

Export map to .KMZ/ .KML file

As I said, there is no direct method to export only the data table. However, you can export your map/ layer to .kml or .kmz format. This .kml or .kmz files include all the details you have added to your map.

You can import this .kml file as an .xml table to Microsoft Excel. But, you have to put a big effort to clean the imported data to get the required data table. Instead of that, you can use some online tools to convert the xml file to your required format.

Convert .KMZ/ .KML to Microsoft Excel

You can use online tools like MyGeodata Cloud or GPS Visualizer to convert .KML or .KMZ files to Microsoft Excel or .CSV file. You can upload the exported .KMZ or .KML file to these sites and convert to available file formats including MS Excel.

Convert .KMZ/ .KML using MyGeodata Cloud

Use this link to access MyGeodata Converter tool. Then upload your file using the upload option. Then click continue and select the Microsoft Excel format from the drop-down list on the following page. Then click convert and now your file is ready to download.

This tool converts the KMZ file directly to MS Excel and it is available inside the zip file downloaded.

Convert .KMZ/ .KML using GPS Visualizer

Go to GPS Visualizer website and upload the exported .KML and .KMZ file. Then select “plain text table” option from the output format drop-down list. Then click the “Convert it” button. Now you can download the .txt file and import it to MS Excel.

The .txt file you downloaded include the required data set. You can import that file to MS Excel.

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  1. Im not sure I see the problem, when you open the layer and press open datalist you can simply mark and copy and then past into excel !


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