How to Insert section breaks in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, Sections Breaks let you set specific page layouts and formatting options for different parts of a document. Once you get used to works with sections, you will find how useful it is.

For example, once you separate each chapter with section breaks, adding things to one chapter does not push down the content in the next chapter. It adds a new page to the current section if it needs more room for your content.

To insert section breaks;

  1. Place your cursor in a new line at your intended breaking point (ex. end of the first chapter)
  2. Then go to Page Layout Tab
  3. Click Breaks (in the Page Setup group)
  4. Select Next Page (in the Section Breaks category)

Now your section break is created. If you activate the Show/Hide ΒΆ button in the Home tab, you can see your section break as a double dotted line.

The easiest way to view the section breaks is by activating the header footer by double-clicking the bottom of the previous section or top of the next section. Once you activate the header/footer you can see two section numbers are assigned to adjacent pages.

The following video demonstrates how to insert section breaks in Microsoft Word.

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