How to Create a Button in Google Sheets to Run Scripts

How to Create a Button in Google Sheets to run Scripts

You can create a button in Google Sheets to run Apps Script from its user interface. The button is essential when you design Google Sheets for others who do not know App Scripts. This post will show you how you can create a button in Google Sheets and attach the Google Apps Script function to … Read more

How to Create an Online Data Entry Form that can Perform CRUD Operations on Google Sheets

Create an HTML Web App to CRUD Records on Google Sheets_

Online data entry forms are a powerful tool that you can use to collect many types of data more easily and accurately. Google Sheets is the most powerful cloud-based spreadsheet application that you can use absolutely free. Google is also offering another free tool named Google Apps Script (GAS) to increase the power of your … Read more

These 10 Google Search Tricks can yield more relevant results

Google Search Tricks

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, did you know that there are special characters and words that you can include in your search to get even better results? Try following 10 google search tricks and tips on your next google search to get more accurate results. 01. Use quotes (“”) … Read more