A more productive way to make compost from kitchen waste with limited space

Compost is the best fertilizer you can use in your garden because it’s natural, organic and you can prepare it free of charge. The food waste from your kitchen can produce compost which is invaluable for your garden. You may find a plenty of resources on the internet which explains to you the ways you can prepare compost in your garden.

However, if you do not have enough space in your garden, still there are ways that you can make compost. in this post I am going to explain you about a method that can use your kitchen waste productively. For this, you need a little space in your balcony or in the garden.

Here we are going to create a plant pot, that enables you to put your food waste into it.

You need to have following items (or something similar).

  • A Pot
  • Plastic bottle which height is little higher than the pot
  • A piece of rubber tube
  • Soil (about 3/4 of the pot)
  • Suitable crop to plant on the pot


Step 1

Cut off about 3inches from the top of the plastic bottle such a way that the coconut shell is fitted to it as a cap. Then punch some holes of diameter about 5-8mm on the wall of the bottle.

The kitchen waste is put into this bottle, and they are decomposed and added to the soil through this holes.

Step 2

Put one end of the rubber tube into the bottle across a hole created in step 1. (Use lower holes)

This tube is to provide air for the decomposition process

step 3

Place the bottle in the pot and fill the pot with soil (do not add soil to the inside of the bottle and the other end of the rubber tube should come out of the soil)

Step 4

Chop the kitchen waste into small piece and put into the bottle. Close the bottle with coconut shell.

smaller pieces accelerate the decomposition

Step 5

Now you can plant your crops in the soil area of the pot.

The food waste is decomposed slowly and after few days the volume of waste inside the bottle will reduce giving more space for a new collection. You can continue this process for a long period of time. The compost is added to the soil slowly and plant roots will find what they need.

You can manage a large portion of the kitchen waste by creating a number of pots like this. On the other hand, you are getting fresh and organic vegetables free of charge.

2 thoughts on “A more productive way to make compost from kitchen waste with limited space”

  1. It’s really something different! I like it! I will definitely try this technique for my terrace garden! 👍 😃

  2. It’s good way to get fresh vegetables! 👍 Quite helpful! Good to re-use waste in place of wasting it and throwing!

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